Q: When is the next wipe?

A: Wipes are every Thursday of each month. Usually 1-2 Hours after the official FacePunch Update goes live.

Q: Do we keep our RP (Rust Points) after a wipe?

A: No, RP's are reset on wipe day. You can keep your RP's if stated in one of the Monthly Vote Reward prices.

Q: How do I view my current RP balance, I cant find the command!

A: There is no command, you can view your balance in the top left corner of the screen. There will be a gear indicating your total RP balance.

Q:  How do I use X plugin?

A: Click here view a vide tutorial to most plugins in the server! 

Q: How do I get the Premium and VIP ranks?

A: Voting is the only way to get the Premium and VIP ranks. Click here to view the vote rewards.

Q: Can I purchase the Premium and VIP ranks?

A: NO. Voting is the only way to unlock these ranks. 

Q: What commands are available for players?

A: Click here to view the full list of commands available for players.

Q: Im Ban! What do I do now!?

A: Submit a ban review. One of our staff will check the nature of your ban and see if your are eligible for removing your ban. 

Q: I have the correct amount of votes for X rank, but it has not updated on my account.

A: That sounds like a bug or an error, contact us on Discord or submit a help form to get this resolve.

Q: Can you add X plugin/mod to the server?

A: Sure! Well... We will consider it! Submit a contact form with the subject has recommendation and type the plugin you would want to see in the server. We will review the request and if we see that it fits the server we might add it!

Q: Is everything really free?

A: Yup! Everything in the server is free for you to use, we don't keep anything behind a paywall! Some features are limited by cooldowns, amount of uses, kits based on your rank. To upgrade your rank you will need to vote and earn it in the Monthly Vote Rewards. You can unlock Kits, and other account upgrades strictly from the Monthly Vote Rewards. 

Q: Is there plans for a web store?

A: Sure is! You can visit our store by clicking here.

Q: I can't find the VIP or Premium ranks other players have.

A:  The VIP & Premium ranks are not available for sale! These are our premium ranks with the best perks all around, but can only be obtain via votes in our Monthly Vote Rewards System. 

Q:  Got any discount code?

A:  Sure, use the following code to get %3 off your entire cart! ASKRECEIVE. There is an additional %5 Discount code that is broadcasted in game as well!

Q: Will you be adding other items like kits, weapons, items, dlc items?

A:  Nah, I don't want to be selling you items that you can find in the vanilla game or other servers. Most items in the store are things you can't get in the vanilla game. Such has Death Revival, Build on Water, GIF Video Downloader, More Z Billboards. Use RP to purchase weapons, ammo, kits, dlc items in the Game Store. The best items are earned via the Vote Reward System and its FREE!

Q: Can I get a refund?

A:  Unfortunately all sales are final and there will be no refunds. If you get ban from the server you will not get a refund so make sure to follow the rules. 

Q: My kid made unauthorized purchases using my credit card or PayPal account. Can I get a refund?

A:  Sure! contact me via Discord and we can begin a refund process. Once a refund process has been started for unauthorized purchases any account associated with those purchases will be permanently banned from the server.