1. Command Menu GUI 

The Command Menu GUI is our custom coded menu GUI that can only be found in our server! Its custom coded by one of our talented developers and its main function is to reduce the amount of commands player use to a single one helping you stay alert and ready in game. The menu has shortcuts for player to access, such has; homes, warps, trees, store, and more! 

To open the Command Menu GUI use the following command:


You can also bind the command to any button in your keyboard! Follow the following steps to bind any key to the Command Menu GUI. 

For this example we will be binding the command /menu to the M key. You can replace the M key with any key you desire for example; O, P, -, 9. Just make sure it's not being used by a in game key control.

1. Press the F1 key and the console will show up in game.


2. Now type in the console bind m chat.say /menu and press the ENTER key. 

bind <KEYHERE> chat.say /menu      (Replace <KEYHERE> with desire key)


3. Finally type writecfg and press the ENTER key.


4. You are done! now use the M key to open the Command Menu GUI! 


2. Player Skills

Player Skills adds a new way to play RUST and upgrade how you interact with the world. You can upgrade certain aspects from resource gathering, armor protection, bullet damage, crafting speed, and more! 

To use skins click on the Skills box in the Commands Menu GUI.

Or use the following command to open the Skills GUI. 


A menu will appear, and you will be able to upgrade your skills using RP (Rust Points). All skills are reset during server wipe.


3. RUST Points

RUST Points (RP) allows you to upgrade your skills, claim kits beyond your cooldowns, and purchase items from the server shop! You will earn RP for gathering resources, destroying barrels, play time, voting, killing NPCs and other players!


4. 50K Stacks


Stack resources up to 50K stacks! Saving space in your containers and inventory.

Stacking of all items also enable! Stack clothes, food, items and more! No action needed from players to activate. Feature is on by default.


5. Raidable Bases


These are our favorite game events! Looking to use that 50K of bullets and C4 on something? Well you know you can raid online players if that's what you want to do, or raid some NPC bases! The bases will spawn randomly around the map and vary from difficulty levels, loot boxes, NPCs, base designs and more. The harder the difficulty the more lethal it is for players, but will result in better loot for those who accomplish the raid. So stack up, pack up and go raid some bases!

Warning: If you die, you die just like any other death. Keep away from the radius area of the base and the NPCs, turrets wont attack you. The radius is filled with traps, explosives and other items to avoid. 

Use the map to see the location of the bases. The color indicates the difficulty level. 

Green - Easy

Yellow - Medium

Red - Hard

Blue - Expert

Black - Nightmare


6. Sever Shop

The Shop GUI is the global shop where players can trade scraps for money and in return purchase in the shop. Items in the global shop can only be purchased with money and not scraps! Make sure to trade your scraps for money. 

To open the Shop GUI click on the SHOP box in the Commands Menu GUI.

Or use the following command to open the Global Shop.


The shop menu will appear and you can look around, to close the shop GUI click on the bottom where it says "Close" and you will exit the menu. 


7. Discord Rewards

By joining our Discord server you get to claim rewards to help you in you in game. To claim Discord Rewards you need to join our Discord server. Click here to join. You need to complete the following steps before you can claim your rewards. 

  1. Run the following command in the game chat:

/discord token

2. You should get a message in return with a unique 6 digit code. 


3. Copy this number and head over to our Discord server and send a private message to the Rust Rewards bot. With the number you just copy from step number two.

4. The bot should reply back with the following message, if you get no response or errors start again with step one.


Your token has been validated! This token will expire in X. Type /discord in game to open the reward selection menu 

5. In game you can now use the Discord Rewards from the Commands Menu GUI to claim rewards. Each rewards has a cooldown you need to wait before claiming the reward again. You can us the following command to open the Discord Rewards GUI.


Note: You will need to reverify your Rust account with our bot every 10 days in order to continue using this feature. To reverify follow the steps above and you'll be able to use the Discord Rewards again. 


8. Homes

Set multiple homes in diffrent bases and teleport to them instantly. You can create 3 homes and you have 2 Free teleportation passes. After you use your 2 free passes, teleporting to your house will cost $150 for each use.

To open and teleport to a home click on the HOMES box in the Commands Menu GUI.

Or use the following command to open the home menu GUI.


The Homes GUI will appear and you can view your homes you have setup. The upper top of the window will show the remaining homes you can setup and the remaining teleportation uses available to you. To teleport to any of your houses, click on any of the houses you have setup. Wait for the warmup countdown before you are teleported. Moving or getting attacked by a player or animal will cancel the teleportation action.

To set a home use the following command

/sethome {name}

/sethome masterbase


9. Tree Planter

The Tree Planter lets you purchase trees with money to make your wasteland more beautiful! Plus who doesn't like shade on a sunny RUST day! Good way to hide some bases from unwanted visitors.

To purchase trees click on TREES box in the Commands Menu GUI.

The Tree Menu GUI will pop up and show you the diffrent types of trees you can purchase and plant. 

Each tree costs $15 and a "Hemp Plant" will be added to your inventory, use this to plant your tree.


10. Absolute Sorter

Absolut Sorter makes housekeeping easier! Setup storage containers with configurable items and item categories via an inventory UI then with the click of a button sort and dumps all the items from you inventory in to the designated containers.


11. Weapon Names

Name your weapons and tools! How cool is that! A simple command lets you name and personalize your weapons and tools! Pair it with skinbox for a really unique item!

To name a weapon or tool use the following command

/ct {name}


If you forget the command click on the WEAPON NAMES box in the Commands Menu GUI.

And a message will appear in your chat reminding you how to name your items.


12. Warps GUI

Warp to monuments and other locations around the map, with an easy to use GUI! You can teleport to any location in the GUI up to 2 times each day for free. Afterwards teleporting to any warp will cost $150 for each use. And you must wait for the cooldown to finish before being able to teleport again. Teleportation is cancel if you take player damage, animal damage, or if you move at any time during the warmup to teleport. 

To open and teleport to a location click on the WARPS box in the Commands Menu GUI.

The Warp GUI will appear and you can view the available locations to teleport. You can view the remaining teleportation uses available for use in the GUI. To teleport to any of the locations click on any of the locations available. Wait for the warmup countdown before you are teleported. Moving or getting attacked by a player or animal will cancel the teleportation action.

To open the Warps GUI use the following command



3. Fast Crafting

Ain't nobody got time for that! Slow crafting blows! Crafting speed is tweak to x2 crafting speed. Want faster or instant craft? Upgrade your crafting skill in the Skills GUI.


14. BackPacks


Extra inventory to store your items while out in your adventures or raiding... Back packs take one inventory slot but gives you extra 18 slots to store your items. New players will spawn with a backpack by default, or when they die and respawn. One back pack per player, and they can be looted when a player dies or gets injured. 

To open your back pack open your inventory with TAB, click on the backpack and then click on the Unwrap to view the contents.

To store items to your backpack, simply drag the item into the backpack. It does not need to be unwrap to transfer items from your inventory to the backpack. 


15. Lock Cars

Worked hard to get those parts to get your car up and running and then some thief and stole your magna carta? Fear not anymore, you can lock your cars with code locks just like your doors, containers and keep them safe from low life thieves! It's simple to use, craft a code lock and place it on the car. Your car will be fully protected and locked. No one can get into the engine, trunk, and gas tank. No action needed from players to activate. Feature is on by default.


16. Slower Decay

Decay rate is decreased so you can enjoy playing the game and not babysitting your cupboard. The decay rate has been slowed down for all materials. No action needed from players to activate. Feature is on by default.


17. Rotating Pickups

A fun cosmetic mod for the server, gives dropped items that old death-match style feel by having them rotate on the spot with the option to pick them up when walking over them. No action needed from players to activate. Feature is on by default.



We give you the opportunity to play however you want! If you want to play RUST and not worry about players killing you then turn off PVP and enter passive mode. It will cost you scrap to turn off PVP, and you can still get killed by animals, and fall damage! 

To turn off/on PVP click on the PVP box in the Commands Menu GUI.

Or use the following command to open the PVP GUI.


The PVP GUI will open and you will be able to turn on or off the PVP. You will have to pay the scrap metal fee, and wait for the warmup to complete before you enter passive mode. Entering PVP is free.


19. Kits

Claim loadouts aka Kits using a friendly GUI! Kits spawn directly inside your inventory! 

To open the Kits GUI click on the KITS box in the Commands Menu GUI.

Or use the following command to open the loadout GUI.


The Kit GUI will open and you will be able to claim any available loadout. Some loadouts will cost in game money to claim!


20. Grenade Launcher & Flare Gun

Purchase Grenade Launcher or Flare Gun with in game money from the Global Shop GUI. 

To purchase a Grenade Launcher or Flare Gun click on SHOP box in the Commands Menu GUI.

Then purchase the weapons from the "commands" section. Using a Grenade Launcher requires you to have Grenades in your inventory. Using a Flare Gun requires you to have Flares in your inventory


21. Clear Chat

Clear your chat of all text using the following command:


22. Power Smelt

The server's smelting time has been adjusted to at twice the normal rate. Want faster or instant smelting? Upgrade your smelting skill in the Skills GUI.


23. Furnace Sorter

When a player drops a cook-able resource into an oven it will split that resource evenly across the maximum number of stacks allowed for that oven.


24. Build Actions & Remover Tool

If you are authorized in a building zone, you can demolish/rotate everything. Without any kind of time limits. Use the Remover Tool to demolish buildings quickly and recover some materials. 


25. Spawn Mini

Every player can spawn a free Mini Helicopter on every wipe! The helicopter comes with 350 Health and 50 Fuel. To spawn the mini helicopter, use the command menu GUI.

To despawn your mini helicopter use the following command:



25. Offline Raid Protections

Build away and worry free when your offline with anti raid protections, your base is protected from potential griffers! No action needed from players to activate. Feature is on by default. 

In order to avoid a cluster of old or abandon bases around the map. The offline raid protections works based on how long you have been offline. Your base will be protected for up to 8 days but will slowly loose the anti raid protections. Here is a damage scale reference to see how long your base will remain protected. 

1 Day - 100% Protection

2 Days - 90% Protection

3 Days - 70% Protection

4 Days - 50% Protection

5 Days - 40% Protection

6 Days - 20% Protection

7 Days - 15% Protection

8 Days - 0% Protection

After 8 days the base will be available for offline raiding based on rule #6


27. x2 Resource Gathering Rate

Resource fathering rate has been increased to twice the normal rate. Upgrade your crafting skill in the Skills GUI to increase the amount of resources you gather, you can upgrade to a max of x5 gathering rate.



28. Skin Box

You know all those fancy skins from Steam? Well why spend money on them! You have full access to all of them here at RUSTSLAYER.NET. You can skin pretty much everything from weapons, clothes, tools, rocks, building items, and more! Great for role players or for those wanting to have unique items.

To use skins click on the Skins box in the Commands Menu GUI.

Or use the following command to bring the skin menu GUI. 


The menu will appear, and you will have to drag the item to the right inventory that you wish to skin. Once you drop your item, it will reload and show you all the available skins for the item you selected. Select your desire skin, and your item will now have a new skin. 

There is no cooldowns in using skins, and you have access to all the skins.


29. Vote Rewards

Vote for RUSTSLAYER.NET! Voting for our server helps us grow and we can reach more players with the same game mentality! Each month a set of new vote rewards will be available for players to claim and enjoy!

Rust Rewards.png

30. Fuel Alarm & Gauge

When boarding any vehicle that requires fuel to operate any vehicle a small GUI window will appear next to your hotbar and inform you of the remaining fuel in your fuel tank. When fuel runs low a small alarm will beep to indicate low fuel.


31. Death Notes

Informative chat death notifications for when NPC's, animals, players, die.


32. Automated Air Drops 

Automated air drops events spawn in random locations and spawn every 50 to 70 Minutes.


32. Player Global Stats & Ratings

Track how many resources you have mined, total kills, deaths, play time, favorite weapon. Earn points for collecting resources, kills, supply drops collected, crates collected and more! Compare how you do with other players and compete to be the number player in the global leader board! To view your stats use the use the command menu GUI.

or use the following commands to view your stats and the global stats leaderboard:




34. Friend Referrals

Earn rewards by inviting friends to the server! The more friends you invite the more rewards you get!

To view your unique promo code use the use the command menu GUI.

or use the following commands to open the referral's GUI menu:


To activate your promo code entered it in the referral's GUI menu or use the following command:​

/promo <code>


35. Home Recycler

Running to monuments to recycle items can be risky, or sometimes you are to far from one. You can craft a recycler to use in your home only. It requires certain items and scrap metal to craft one! Once you craft one you can place it anywhere inside your base, you can pick it up using the build tool. The recycler can be raided by anyone and cannot be lock with a padlock. 

To craft a Home Recycler click on the Home Recycler box in the Commands Menu GUI.

A new window will appear when you click on the box.

Or use the following command to craft a home recycler.


Make sure to have the correct amounts of items and scrap metal to craft one.


36. Better Loot

Find better resources and loot in all containers, crates, and barrels! No action needed from players to activate. Feature is on by default.

37. Water Bases

Build structures on the surface of the water – and even expand them underwater! – in a natural, vanilla-like way.

Make sure to have the correct amounts of items and scrap metal to craft one. Watch the video tutorial to start building your first water base!


38. Z Billboards

Create billboards to decorate your bases! 

To create a bill board type the following command to craft a home recycler.

/billboard create # #

Replace # with desire size of billboard.

Ex: /billboard create 4 4 

/billboard sil # # <image URL>

Replace <Image URL>  with desire link of image.

Ex: /billboard sil 4 4

Billboards Limits 

Default Users: 6 Billboards. Max size 4.

-- Purchase on web store --

Tier 1: 10 Billboards. Max size 6.

Tier 2: 18 Billboards. Max Size 10.

Unlimited Billboards. Max Size 10.

39. Z Video Downloader

Download pre loaded gifs to decorate your base! Use the Video Shop to get a TV to watch all the cool preloaded videos! Want to download your own videos, you can purchase the access to the command via our webstore by clicking here


Use the following command to open the video shop and use preloaded videos.

/video shop

Download Your Own Videos

-- Purchase on web store --

If you have purchased access to download your own videos follow the tutorial below.

/video dl <url> <filename>

Replace <url>  with desire link of image.  Replace <filename> with desire video name.

Ex: /video dl RobinRage


/menu  Opens the Commands Menu GUI window.
/info - Opens up this window! 
/rules - Shows the server rules in the chat. 
/vote - Allows you to vote, and view vote sites. 

/skills - Opens up the skill GUI menu! 
/claim - Claim rewards based if you have voted. You 24 Hours from voting to claim rewards! 
/discord - Opens the Discord reward GUI or information on how to verify your account. 
/discord token - Generates a unique 6 digit code to verify with our Discord Rewards Bot.  
/players - View all online players and admins.

/referral - Opens the friend referral GUI window. You can view your unique code from here.

/promo <code> - Activates your promo code from a friend referral.
/craftre - Craft a home recycler if you have the required items to craft. 
/shop - Brings the server global shop. 
/warp - Opens the warp menu GUI.

/home - Opens the home menu GUI 

/sethome <name> - Creates a home respawn location.
/skinbox - Change the skins of your items. 
/mtree - Opens the trees menu GUI to purchase trees.
/ct - Change the name of your weapon or tool.
/mymini - Spawn a mini heli once per wipe.

/pvptoggle - Opens the pvp toggle GUI.
/kit - Opens the kits menu GUI.
/clear - Clears your chat of all text. 
/stats - Shows your stats. Click on back to view the global standings. 

/billboard create - Creates a Billboard, use a large neon sign.
/billboard sil <horizontal signs> <vertical signs> <image url> - Downloads the Billboard Image.
/billboard destroy  - Removes your billboard.
/billboard speed 1.5 - Changes speed of animated signs.
/video shop - opens the video UI Shop, buy TV signs & video tapes.


/video dl <url> <filename> - Download a gif from an URL.
/tv play [speed] - Start playing the loaded video, speed is the duration per frame

/tv stop -  Stops playing.
/tv keepframes - Allows you to load multiple videos that play after each other. 
/tv create </color> - <color=grey> - Makes any type of signage you are looking at, a TV sign.
/colours <hexcode> </color> - <color=grey> - Changes your name color to any given hex code.

/colour clear/reset/remove - Resets your color.
/colour gradient <#1 #2 #3 ...>  - Changes your color to the given gradient colors

/mcolour - Changes your chat color to any given hex code.
/mcolour clear/reset/remove - Resets your chat color.