1. No Offline Raiding

This is the main rule here, break it and you will get ban from the server. No one likes login back in to a raided base while AFK. If you are going to raid, the owner/ team of the base MUST be online! You're not allowed to roof camp other player's bases.

2. No Kill On Sight

No killing on sight in the wild! All monuments are PVP and kill on sight is allow. 

3. No Monument Camping or Monument Blocking

No monument camping allowed! You can't camp and wait for a player or group to show up to start a gun fight. Breaking this rule will result in a ban until the next wipe!

You are not allowed to build inside or around monuments with the intentions of  blocking other players from accessing monuments. Any base or walls built around a monument will be destroyed. 

4. No racism, no homophobia, no political & religion topics/symbols

Keep this stuff to your self, we are here to enjoy a game!

Bases can be checked inside at our discretion without any notice to search for interiors that are breaking this rule.

5. Max team size of 3

No more than 3 players in each team. Teams can be allies but cannot be in the same base.

6. Respect all players...SERIOUSLY!

Respect everyone equally! Vocabulary is not monitored but we expect everyone to use the artistic vocabulary to a respectful level.