November 17, 2021

Changes & Updates:

Thanks giving is around the corner! Has a thank you for everyone who has logged on since November 1st will receive 1500 RP added to their accounts! This month, we are reusing the generated map from last month this was part due to me chasing chickens... Next month a premium map will be uploaded and will last until February. The vote rewards have been tweak and are now live. Since the vote rewards was just announced it will run until December 15th. Afterwards a new reward list will be live until December 30th. 

New Additions:

Z Billboards - You can now upload your own images in game using Z's Billboards. You can upload up to 10 Billboards , size 4x4.

Z Videos - Use preloaded video GIF's to decorate your bases! Purchase the upload access in our store to upload your own videos.

Water Bases - You can now build bases on top of rivers, lakes, and the ocean!


Webstore - Purchase color names, Player upgrades, Z-videos upload access, more

Z-Billlboard downloads, and more! Use the following code to get 5% off your entire purchase. RUST5
link: https://store.rustslayer.net/

New Kit : 50 / 50 "50% O2, 50% N2" - With the addition of Water Bases a new kit has been added for everyone to claim. Includes a complete set of scuba gear, an extra Oxygen Tank, a solo submarine and other items for you to enjoy! 

New Shop Category: Kits - A new category has been added to the in game Shop. You can now purchase kits such the Gun N Run Kit, PVP+, and Resources. Additional kits will be added soon.

Skins - You will now have to use RP "Rust Points" to skin your items, weapons, clothes, and tools. 10RP for Weapons , 5RP for Clothes, 3RP for Everything else.

Vote Rewards - Rewards have been updated and are now live! Includes 2 exclusive store items! 


October 7, 2021

Changes & Updates:

Spooky season is finally here! Added a new spooky kit for everyone to claim. You can find the new kit on the Kits Menu GUI under Halloween kit! For this month big changes where made that will set the foundation of the server for the coming months. 

Gathering Rates & Crafting Furnace Speeds - All gathering rates have been lower to x2 and speeds for crafting, furnace have been lower. To restore x5 rates and speeds upgrade your skills using the new Player Skills System.

Player Skills (Leveling) - This new system introduces skills players can upgrade to increase their resource fathering rate, crafting & smelting speed, bullet damage, armor efficiency and more.

Economy - System has been removed and all balances have been wiped.

Commands Menu GUI - Removed some buttons and added new icons/buttons.

RP (Rust Points) - Replaces the economy system with RP. You can use RP to upgrade skills, purchase items on the shop, and claim kits during a cooldown. You will earn RP for gathering sources, breaking barrels, voting, and killing NPC's, animals & players.

Referrals - Invite friends and earn rewards to help you along your journey. The more friends you invite the better rewards you will get.  

Kits - New set of kits have been added, a new kit will be added after each wipe starting on November. New kits to earn via the vote Month vote reward system.

Homes/Warps - Increased and modified the teleportation time. Modified the cooldown for using the the /warp & /home commands.

Home Recycler - Added new speeds, and recycling item rate based on ranks.

Spawn Mini Helicopter - Changed the spawn time for default players and added new spawn rates for the ranks; Premium & VIP.

Vote Rewards - A new set of rewards have been added including some new cool kits, that can only be unlocked by voting.